Registration Procedure for Driver Education Events

Fees:  $50.00 for one day; $80.00 for weekend
Everyone, including instructors, must follow these directions or you will be spectator on track day.

1.  You MUST register online.  Show up without registering and you will be a spectator on track day.

2.  You MUST get your car inspected by another person who can recognize the components of your car and assess their condition.   That person MUST fill out the inspection form.   These inspections will NOT be performed at the track.   No inspection form, no drive, no exceptions.

Click here to download/print the inspection form.   Get the inspection done within 30 days of the event.  BRING the completed form with you to the event.  No form = spectator.

 Go to  and type Big Sky Region in the search window.  Registration DEADLINES are:  Midnight May 23 for the May event; midnight August 22 for the August event. 

 . . . and PLEASE, if you are registered, but cannot attend the event, call Dave at 406-781-8598, especially if you are an instructor.